Buy Short Mangalsutra or Mini Mangalsutra at CS Jewellers | Short mangalsutra designs

As all of we know that Short Mangalsutra is the new fashion in the market besides that it is one of the lovely and precious jewellery types for the married women or the women to be get married. CS Jewellers has available this Mini Mangalsutra at their online shop where you can also see the lots of Short Mangalsutra Designs.

Women in this age refuge to stick to the age old custom Mangalsutra. They now prefer experimenting with looks with the numerous options that are available. A number of metals are merged to give various looks to different mangalsutra. gold Short mangalsutra designs are widely available these days both in the traditional and online markets.

According to the Hindu testament, mangalsutra draws immense heavenly and positive energy. The mangalsutra consists of two round shaped cups which are hollow from one side and is raised on the other side. It is worn with the hollow side facing the body; thus the positive energies get attracted to the annulled of the cups. According to science this phenomenon helps in keeping both the body and mind healthy. It also improves the blood circulation of the body. It also has the power to control the blood pressure of a woman.

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