How to Extend the Useful Life of Pre-Owned Moffett Forklifts?

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing pre-owned forklifts is a completely acceptable business strategy in the material handling industry. Most people might consider it a safety hazard, having used machinery on a material operations site. However, if the purchase of the machinery is from a reliable retailer and maintained well enough, then it can be a cost-effective solution. The most popular choice of pre-owned forklifts for fleet managers all across the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe include used Moffett truck mounted forklifts since they offer the best utility and safety among all.

However, even Moffett forklifts are susceptible to accidents if you ignore proper care to maintain their functional life. As such, it is important for any fleet manager as well as a forklift operator to know how to maintain the useful life of a used Moffett forklift, not just for the sake of the business but also for the safety of the forklift operators.

After all, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) estimates there are around 35,000 serious or fatal forklift-related accidents and 63,000 non-serious forklift-related accidents every year. A significant portion of these accidents occurs with pre-owned forklifts since they have been in use longer and more likely to malfunction.

Of course, the likelihood of a pre-owned forklift malfunctioning often depends on where you bought the forklift and from which retailer. In this article, we shall discuss ways to extend the useful life of pre-owned Moffett forklifts so that you may be able to utilize them to their maximum extent and gain an advantage in business operations.

However, before we get to that, let us look at some of the main reasons why some businesses opt to purchase pre-owned Moffett forklifts in the first place.

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Moffett forklift?

It is no secret that Moffett forklifts are the most desirable of all material handling equipment due to a range of reasons. From being able to mount on the back of material transportation trucks, thus saving costs and valuable time, to the latest and most elite safety features for operators, these machines are the must-have for any material handling business. Yet, the first priority for any business should be to maximize profits while minimizing costs. As such, buying pre-owned Moffett forklifts is an excellent way to acquire the benefits they have to offer while having to pay half (or even less) of its original price.

It must be a calculated decision on the part of the fleet manager and the business owner, however, since buying any used equipment is a risk especially in the material handling industry. It is in fact, advisable to try and purchase used Moffett truck mounted forklifts for sale from reliable and authentic dealers such as Bobby Parks Truck and Equipment so that you may get them for an even better price. Not only are such dealers renowned for providing reliable used Moffett forklifts that can be used for an extended period of time, provided that they are maintained accordingly, they also provide equipment at a great price.

How To Maintain Used Moffett Forklift for Extended Functional Life?

Now that you have opted for the cost-effective solution and purchased a pre-owned Moffett forklift for your business, it is now time to know how to maintain it. Despite being a Moffett and purchased from a reliable retailer, any used machinery requires a greater amount of attention and maintenance than a brand new one. As such, let us look at some of the steps you can employ to extend the functional life of your machinery.

  1. Stick to the guidelines:

    For any pre-owned equipment, there is a certain recommended guideline and limit of use. This is essential when it comes to maintaining a longer functional life since exceeding the recommended limits may prove to be detrimental to the forklift’s performance. Do not try to get more work out of the used machinery than advised. This may fly for a brand new piece of equipment (though still not wise to do so), yet for a used forklift, exceeding the recommended limits could spell disaster.

  2. Keep it clean: Rust is the number one enemy of all machinery and for a used Moffett forklift; it is an even greater danger since the machine parts are old and may be more susceptible to the adverse effects of rust. Therefore, it is essential to keep your used Moffett forklift clean at all times.
  3. Use Lubricant for Moving Parts:

    Friction between moving machine parts can cause a lot of damage to the forklift. In the case of an already used piece of machinery, the risk of parts overheating or deteriorating is higher therefore, it is essential to keep them well-oiled and lubricated at all times.

These were just some of the steps to maintain a longer functional life for your Moffett truck mounted forklift. Be sure to consult an expert before purchasing and maintaining a used forklift.

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