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Antivirus software is coded in such a way to provide total protection to the users and to the data of the consumers from any malicious code, virus, Trojan horse, rootkits etc. AVG is the known and best antivirus program which is available in the market to provide a shield to the systems of the users from any kind of threat as it also provides internet security through real-time scanning. It not only refrain any virus or malicious code to enter in your system but also fixes any corrupt file which is present in your system and also detects any kind of virus on a real-time basis by notifying you immediately. So if consumers are looking for an antivirus which provides all-in-one services and first-class features then users must download, install and activate in their system to get absolute protection from any kind of phishing activity.

However, it is very common that you face some difficulty while installing the program as this requires technical knowledge; also technical things are prone to vulnerability so you shouldn’t worry at all as these issues and errors are faced globally by the consumers. And firstly we will discuss how users can safely and properly download, install and activate the in your system.

Steps to set up the antivirus software on your system

  • Consumers have to browse through the downloading page to download their software.
  • Then you are required to tap on the “download” button to start the downloading process.
  • After the installation file of the program has been downloaded, you are required to double click on the file.
  • The instant you click on the run button. The setup will be installed on your system.
  • Click on “agree” and then “next” and your antivirus software has been successfully installed in your system.
  • To activate the program, browse through
  • The page will ask for the unique license key or product key which you have been given while you have purchased the subscription through the email.
  • Make sure you enter the correct code manually or just copy paste it from the email.
  • And then click on “confirm code” button and then your program will be activated.

These are the proper steps to download, install and activate the program but many times it so happens that even if you have followed the correct steps some general and common errors occur and you do not know how to figure out them. So in this article, we will now discuss how to fix the common and general installation errors.

How to fix installation errors

  1. When you get a general error while installing the product.

This error typically pop-ups, when there is a corrupted file present in your system or your system has a virus or there are some window registries of the previously installed AVG which is creating compatibility issues with the new installation. So to solve this issue, go to the official website and download the AVG installer for your program, double-click on the downloaded file and run the installer. After that, try to reinstall the program and you won’t find any difficulty this time.

  1. If you get general errors messages other than number errors.

To solve such general errors follow the steps:

  • You have to close all the programs which are running on your computer and then download the “AVG reset access tool”.
  • After that, run the downloaded file and click on “accept” for accepting the user license agreement and then proceed to click on “continue” to apply the solution to fix the situation. This will restart your system automatically.
  • If the above method does not work then you can try this one.
  • You are required to browse the official website and download “AVG remover tool” from there.
  • You have to double-click on the downloaded file to run it.
  • Click on “continue”.
  • Now you are required to choose a program which you would like to uninstall.
  • And after that click on “remove”.
  • Then click on “restart”.
  • After this, if some dialogue box appears saying some security warning, then click on “run” to complete the un-installation and then restart the computer again.
  • After that try to install the product again in your system.

If you follow the step by step guide, you will definitely be able to troubleshoot your errors which you get while you try to install the in very less time even if you are a non-techie user.  So do try that, you figure out the issues and its solutions before any virus intrudes in your system.

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