Informatica PowerCenter Training is the New Cool!

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There’s nothing denying the fact that we’re living in an incredibly fast-paced world. Things are changing at a mind-boggling rate, and the rest of us are having a tough time in keeping up. With so many aspects of the world experiencing transformations, it’s becoming especially difficult for businesses to record all of that data. Moreover, it is extremely diverse and has to be collected from equally diverse sources. That’s where the data warehousing technology comes into the picture. Many software vendors are currently offering data warehousing solutions, but in this article, our focus will be on Informatica PowerCenter – A full-fledged ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) application. Since it is being revered as a top-notch solution, enterprises are heavily enrolling their workforces in Informatica PowerCenter training classes these days.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about Informatica PowerCenter, the features that make it so special, why the demand for its training has gone up in the last couple of years, and how you can benefit the most by choosing ExistBI for your training needs. Let’s get started:

Informatica PowerCenter – A Brief Summary

Informatica PowerCenter is a state-of-the-art ETL tool used in data warehousing. Used by several hundreds of enterprises around the globe, PowerCenter provides data-integration capabilities like no other, allowing you to gather data from various internal and external sources, refining/transforming it for usability, and then loading it in a target data warehouse. Some key features include:

  • A highly user-friendly interface.
  • Ability of business managers to collaborate easily with IT personnel and even enjoy self-service analytics.
  • Graphically represented functions which require no coding.
  • Connectivity with data sources of all kinds without any difficulties.
  • Cloud-connectivity, and much more!

All things considered, it now makes perfect sense why so many businesses are going for Informatica PowerCenter training!

Reasons to Choose ExistBI for Training

ExistBI, a leading provider of BI training and consultancy, proudly prepares various businesses and individuals in the usability of Informatica PowerCenter, every single year. Therefore, without further ado, we will share with you some good, solid reasons to choose ExistBI. Let’s get started:

We Are Authorized for Training

Unlike other training institutions which are furnishing training without any authorization or certification, ExistBI is fully authorized to provide training classes on Informatica PowerCenter. Our trainers are approved by the Informatica University, and are excited to teach you and your staff the wonders of ETL.

We Will Teach You What’s Relevant

Apart from being authorized, we will train you in the areas that are the most relevant to your organization and/or your ongoing project(s). To make this possible, we design a fit-for-purpose curriculum for everyone. This results in reduction of training time by cutting out irrelevant topics.

Our Trainers Mean Business

Every single one of our trainers is certified and highly experienced in the application of PowerCenter. We only handpick professionals who have previously worked in organizations. They are ready to transfer whatever they’ve learned over the years to you!


There’s no doubt that investing on training on Informatica PowerCenter is the new cool in the business world! So, make sure you’re not left behind. To learn more about ExistBI and its training classes, visit our official YouTube channel:

For more details, visit or give us a call – our experts would love to talk to you.


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