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               Niche Event – What It Is and What the Benefits for Organizers

Hello friends, how are you? I’m Ivy from Special Projects and I’m bringing one more important tip to the event planners! Let’s talk a little bit about the niche event and the advantages of setting it up for your day-to-day life!

Deciding what your niche in organizing events is not an easy task. However, it is important to facilitate your expertise and even increase your customers.

First, we need to talk about which are the two niches linked to the organization of events. Are they:

Corporate Events – These are the events that are connected in some way with companies. Workshops, lectures, exhibition fairs, inaugurations and more. Also in this category are charity events and incentive events.

Social Events – These are the events connected to the general public and entertainment. Shows, weddings, birthday parties, reunions and the like.

Benefits of choosing the niche event

Of course you can focus on both types of events; this will not disrupt your business. However, there are several advantages in choosing one of the two to specialize.


If you specialize in something, it is easier to be recommended when someone asks for references on the subject. By being an event producer focused on corporate events, a company will likely get your name on it faster, especially if you have a good online presence.


By choosing the type of event your services will be focused on, you can search for more information and study more easily on the subject. This brings greater ease of expertise and consequently enhances your work as a whole.

Improve your planning

By focusing on just one type of event, you will need to be concerned with vendors, items, and details related to your type of organization. This greatly reduces the search time and adjustments for the organization of the event.

This also helps a lot when it comes to saving and bargaining with suppliers, since you will be known to always be using the same services.

The best company for your events

As you can see, choosing an event niche to specialize is a great idea. But we have another good tip for you: Count on the Special Projects for your projects!

How about having the best equipment rental company for events in São Paulo? We offer several solutions for our clients, always with a lot of professionalism and respect.

With us you find trailer bathrooms, practicable stages, Led panels and much more!

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