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How to play blackjack online

Once you have identified your chosen online blackjack casino site and signed up for your first game, you usually have to select the level of stakes that you wish to play for. It is a good idea to start small, at least until you have learned the basic rules of the game. You can always increase your risk, and your potential rewards, once you have some practice games behind you.

The screen will show a table, usually with the dealer’s cards at the top, and a space for your cards at the bottom. In some online sites you can play alone against the dealer, or you can join a table with up to 5 other players, all of whom are also playing against the dealer. Remember to focus on the dealer’s cards, however, because the aim of the game is always to beat the dealer.

You can learn more about online blackjack and how to play the game

What type of person plays blackjack online
One thing is for certain is that there is not one particular type of person. Who enjoys to play blackjack online or in a casino. I have seen all genders what ever age play the game and really enjoy it! Obviously you have to be of a certain age for it to be legal in your country. You get the people from low income households to the high flyers like football Players like Keith Gillespie and film stars like Ben Afflek. Some of which control their betting and some of them who have serious addictions.

How our website makes money

Our affiliate website focuses on reviews for online blackjack for the UK audience. We get paid commission every time someone signs up to one of the sites we recommend. The sites we select are not just based on the money we make. There are plenty of companies begging to be listed on here. You can be rest assured we only recommend the most honest companies, not just based on the commission we receive. We search out the best sites with the best start up bonuses to give you a head start when signing up to play blackjack online.

Playing online blackjack to win

When playing blackjack online, there are two things you need to always remember. The first thing is to always make the main reason for playing fun. Secondly but most importantly there is nothing more true than the saying “only bet what you can afford to lose”. This is one of the most truest sayings in the gambling fraternity. If you bet stakes you can not afford to lose it can lead to serious debt. Once you grasp this ethos you are on to a winner.

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