How To Prepare English For UPSC Exam?

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Every student needs to follow the ways to prepare for any exams. Either it is a board exam, or competitive exam, the preparation of the exams when followed by certain rules gives the best result. Putting immense effort in a haphazard way is a waste of time. Therefore, for every student, it is essential to line up the ways of exam preparation in the proper ways.

The plans are for not only essential for exams but to achieve success goals in any field one has to work on planned strategies. For example, English speaking institutes in Amravati have their unique plan strategies to teach any age candidates who are interested and desired to learn English. They also provide special ways of teaching fluent English for UPSC candidates to prepare them for their exams.

Speaking about the UPSC exam, undoubtedly, a student needs to prepare for the exam with a proper plan. UPSC exam is not an easy task to handle. It requires immense effort plus a long period of preparation to crack through the exam.

Any UPSC coaching classes running from years are well experienced to make strategic plans to prepare their candidates.

The candidates are required to write answers to the point in their own words in a simple language. To write answers in fluent English is the toughest task for many candidates. And this becomes a headache while preparing for the English paper.

  1. Candidates need to develop writing skills consistently. It helps a lot to any candidate to overcome the fear of English literature. Many students make silly mistakes out of fear only.
  2. Reading habit is the best way to improve English literature speaking and writing both. UPSC classes in Amravati suggests reading newspapers, magazines, and stories to improve vocabulary and fluent English. Sometimes, it gets boring to continue reading the listed materials. In that case, you can entertain yourself by reading comics. It may sound weird to read comics for the preparation of UPSC exams. But, here the main intention is to learn the new words. Never mind whatever instructions or tools are used for it.
  3. Vocabulary is a must. The candidates should know the many other words for the same word. They should also know the simpler form of any complex words. This simpler form of words helps to write the simple English language which is understood by most people. To learn new words in the vocabulary, the candidates can develop the English speaking with friends, family, and native speaker. The native speaker is much helpful to learn new words.
  4. Like reading and writing is essential to prepare for UPSC exam, similarly, speaking regularly is most important. Make a habit to select any topic and discuss it in the group. This will benefit from gaining more ideas about the same topic from others. It will also improve the vocabulary as one particular word has many synonyms. Nagpur UPSC classes dictate the complete coaching for the competitive exam in the English language.
  5. Candidates need not waste their immense effort by just practicing reading, writing, or speaking haphazardly on any unrelated topics. It is wise to select the books that are recommended for the UPSC exam. Some of the books are listed below: –
  • Love poems
  • Looking for a Causim on a swing
  • Small scale reflections on a great house
  • A river
  • Of mothers, among other things

These are some books written by A.K.Ramanujan. There are some other books from the authors like, Philip Larkin, Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, D.H.Lawrence, E.M.Foster, and Raja Rao.

  1. The above-listed points are related to writing, reading and speaking to practice English. But, the main thing for any candidate is to know the exact UPSC English syllabus of the current year. Many students are unaware of the fact that syllabus keeps changing.
  2. The ready notes or jotting are provided by UPSC coaching classes. But, the students need to invest time in making their personal notes. Making notes in own language improves a candidate’s writing, vocabulary, and it is easily memorized.
  3. As it is stated in the first part of the content that the strategic planning is essential. Planning is not any big deal, but to follow that plan with discipline and be a determent to follow until the end of the exam is crucial.


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