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Are you continually concerned about your device security as your McAfee firewall retains turning off?

McAfee produced by Intel Security Corporation which is recognized as one of the best antivirus software of all times to guard the device against all sort of viable online viruses. Its foremost purpose is to repeal virus and malware attack by offering enhanced protection to your device without depending on the OS established in it.

Nowadays, companies and individual use firewall and security solutions that defend their devices from outside viruses and malware. But sometimes there could be the probability that your McAfee antivirus firewall turning off automatically. There could be several potential causes for the broken of McAfee firewall. One of the main causes can be that you have deactivated your Antivirus software so once you have deactivated your security software, which makes complete network public and enables your data insecure. McAfee Antivirus software is available at

Though, just like any other security software, it can be deactivated internally because of various causes like:

  • Suspect Infiltration:

McAfee does not guard against all your device protection and there could be a chance that your malware can obtain access to your device via an unmonitored means. For reliable and simple delivery of data, some viruses disable your available firewall. Enable McAfee Antivirus quickly and scan your device once.

  • Other Security Software:

Security Software works well if they run separately but if in case you have any other security software working on your device then such application can conflict with each other and they will not work properly. In some cases, third-party firewall recognizes other firewall security and set them off automatically.

  • Windows Firewall:

Windows has a built-in firewall that sets off the third-party firewall. So turn off the current firewall settings once you have installed the McAfee antivirus software firewall on your device and for it, go to the

  1. Control Panel and then go to the Windows Firewall
  2. Now for both public and private settings, go to the Turn Windows Firewall On or Off >> Turn off Windows Firewall.
  • McAfee Antivirus Tool:

If McAfee application remains to turn off instead of the deactivation of Windows Firewall, you can use McAfee Virtual Tool. It is an automated tool, which can detect and repair most of the problems related to McAfee antivirus software. So now visit McAfee’s website and install the tool. If the McAfee Virtual Tool creates any difficulty, McAfee will fix them and will let real-time security.

  • Internet Connection Issue:

Check your internet connection because if you do not have an existing internet connection, McAfee firewall will not work. If you are not surfing the web or downloading the web, there is no requirement to defend you from viruses. So check your wireless or wired internet connection for turned off routers and also check your device is allowed to access the internet. After connecting to the internet, automatically it will change the status to on.

After fixing the above issues and performing solutions should support you to defeat your difficulty of McAfee firewall keeps turning off. In such situations, contact the McAfee Support team at and ask any other questions.

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