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Who Can Be an Online Tutor?

There are many reasons why people decided to become an online tutor, starting from getting extra money to filling spare time. Being an online tutor is very interesting for many people because it has a flexible time, different from working in the office. However, do you need certain certificates to be able to teach students like in the ‘real’ school? Who’re eligible? In fact, all of us, whatever our occupation is, can be an online tutor as long as we’re qualified for it.


To be able to teach in classroom, you need at least to graduate from college. But, are college graduates really cleverer than high school students in understanding and presenting materials? If the high school students do more Math exercises, even for higher grades, he/she can be better than college graduates in Math. It’s similar to undergraduate and graduate students, you can be an online tutor based on your expertise during your spare time. It can give you extra money to help you paying for college. Applying for this job you don’t have to show your certificates. What you need to do is do your best in your field of expertise, and then great testimonials and more jobs will follow it.


If you’re a non-working mother, what do you do after your husband and children left home in the morning? Most of housewives don’t have too much jobs to do so they prefer watching television, reading book, talking to neighbor, etc. If you want to continue sharpening your brain during your free time or don’t want losing all skills you’ve learned from school for years, you should be an online tutor. By doing so, you can get experiences in teaching children from many ages that will be useful to be implemented when you teach your children about certain subjects too.

Teachers and Lecturers

Although being a teacher or lecturer is a fulltime job, most teachers and lecturers have more spare time than professionals. Teachers and lecturers are free when they don’t have any teaching schedule. You can optimize your free time by being an online tutor and get extra money from it rather than spending those hours by doing nothing. Being an online tutor is quite similar to your daily activities in which the only differences is the learning process isn’t done face-to-face.


Many people who work as professionals are still looking for additional job to get extra money. Unfortunately, they can’t do that because most of their times are spent in the office unless they want to work 24-hour a day and have no time to rest. By being an online tutor, you can optimize the usage of your time, even if it’s only an hour, to get extra money.

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